Over time, you may need to repair your dentures and return functionality once again. There are a variety of reasons why you may need to repair your dentures, including:

  • Uncomfortable fitting of the denture, due to reabsorption of the tissue from an extracted tooth that then breaks down and is reabsorbed by the body; the gum tissue surrounding the alveolar bone changes in shape and density, causing a shift in comfort for the denture wearer.
  • Damage to the denture, which can occur with trauma or injury
  • Jaw misalignment, such as with TMJ or another dental condition that changes the way dentures fit

There are a few options of repairing and relining a denture; one is a soft reline that utilizes a liquid polymer that is layered into the denture, which allows for depth and cushion. This option takes a short visit to the dentist and is usually less costly. A hard reline also reshapes a denture, but with a more permanent fix. The material used is like the hardened denture base itself, so it can last for years and in the long-run, save you money.

At the office of Bradley C. Jones, DDS, we offer denture repairs and relines in Napa, California, and can consult with you on your situation. Give our dental team a call, so they can set up an appointment with our dentist today! You can reach us at 707-224-6006.