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Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can put an individual off balance and often cause severe pain and discomfort. Most of us would panic in such scenarios, which could make us unable to receive the necessary dental treatment at the right time. Acting swiftly during dental emergencies can mean the difference between saving or losing your teeth.

We at Bradley C. Jones, DDS Family Dentistry are ready to deal with dental emergencies. Here are some of the most common:

  • Broken Teeth

An accidental fall, a sports-related injury, an automobile accident, etc., could result in a broken tooth. It can be very painful and possibly lead to bleeding as well. You must rush to the dentist as soon as the incident occurs so that we can provide suitable treatment. While you do so, it is advisable to rinse using cold water as it removes the microbes and broken pieces of the tooth. You may use a cold pack on the cheek to reduce pain and swelling. We will thoroughly assess the condition and treat it using medication and ceramic restorations.

  • Injured Soft Tissues

A deep bruise or cut on the soft inner lining of the mouth or gums could cause severe bleeding. If left untreated, the bacteria in the mouth would enter the wound and cause an infection. Please rinse with clean water to remove the blood and place a piece of gauze on the wound to control bleeding and facilitate the formation of a clot. We will determine the severity of the injury and treat it using medication and possibly sutures if the cut is too deep.

  • Avulsed teeth

A tooth that is completely knocked out from the mouth is called an avulsed tooth. Individuals who experience it would go through a lot of pain and bleeding, as the nerves and blood vessels near the tooth would be disturbed. A small ray of hope with an avulsed tooth is that the tissues on the tooth root would be alive for the next hour or so, which gives us a small window to place it back in the mouth and allow it to reattach.

When you find the knocked-out tooth, please hold it by the crown only and avoid touching the root. This is to keep the microbes on our fingertips from infecting the tissues. Please rinse the tooth with clean water and place it in a glass of milk while reaching our dental practice at Napa, CA for treatment. We will put it back in the socket and prescribe aftercare instructions to enable optimum healing.

We invite you to schedule a consultation with our team of dental experts at Bradley C. Jones, DDS Family Dentistry at Napa, CA to get all your oral concerns addressed at the earliest. Please call us at (707) 224-6006 or reach out through online consultation and we’ll be happy to help.


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