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Dentures Repairs and Relines

Dentures are dental prostheses used by individuals who have lost a large number of natural teeth. They are customized to match the oral contour of the patient. Dentures restore both the aesthetics of the smile and also the functionality of the mouth, making them highly sought-after restorations.

Do Dentures Sustain Damage?

Of Course! Although dentures are made from dental-grade ceramic and highly durable acrylic, they do go through some wear and tear as you use them. Sometimes, the dentures sustain damage due to biting or chewing hard foods too. It can be in the form of cracks, loosened prosthetic teeth, change in shape or alignment of the dentures, etc. Sometimes, they may break altogether when you drop them accidentally.

In such instances, getting them repaired at the earliest is recommended to avoid discomfort or possible harm to the oral tissues.

What is Relining?

As you keep using the dentures, the size and contour of your jawbone and gums could change gradually. This can make the dentures not fit as well as when you first used them. Denture relining is a restorative process used to improve the contour of the prostheses in such a way that it accommodates the change in the shape of your gums or jawbone. At Bradley C. Jones, DDS Family Dentistry, it can be customized as required depending on how sensitive or hard your gums are.

What is Rebasing?

After using the dentures for a considerable duration, the acrylic base may experience wear. The dentures could look absolutely perfect from the outside, but the base holding the teeth could have weakened, which might lead to its breaking. In this case, we recommend getting a rebase done, in which all the acrylic in the denture base will be replaced with new material. Rebasing would be appropriate when the denture has cracked, broken or the base has weakened overall. 

Some of the other repairs and adjustments of the dentures involve making changes to their contour when the prostheses have warped, replacing the damaged prosthetic teeth when they have fallen off, chipped, or loosened, improving the fit of the dentures, etc.

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