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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

X-rays have been used in the fields of medicine and dentistry for many decades now. They have been used for diagnostic purposes, to view the insides of the body without needing to open the body. They are particularly useful for diagnosing conditions related to the bones and, to a limited degree, the internal organs.

In dentistry, they are an excellent means to capture images of the teeth, jawbone, tooth roots, and other underlying and visible oral tissues to help dentists make accurate diagnoses. The X-ray technology we use in recent times is so highly advanced, it is able to capture accurate images and produce a negligible amount of radiation.

What Are the Applications of X-rays?

Digital X-rays can be used for the following purposes in dentistry:

  • Determining the severity of damage to the teeth and jawbone in case of oral trauma
  • Checking for the presence of dormant cavities that may be invisible to the naked eye
  • Screening the jawbone to check its volume and size, which would be major criteria for dental implantation
  • Spotting the onset of oral cancer
  • Mapping the positions of the teeth and checking if they have drifted from their orthodontically correct positions

Are Dental X-rays Safe?

This is a question about X-ray radiography that has been asked many times. The radiation produced by the earliest dental X-ray equipment is indeed significantly higher than the amount of radiation produced by x-ray devices today. Over the years, as technology advanced and became more efficient in using energy and radiation, the amount of radiation produced has been significantly reduced, so much so that it is negligible. In fact, it is often lesser than the radiation present in soil and drinking water, and way lesser than the radiation emitted by lit cigarettes. However, to avoid complications, X-rays are not used on pregnant women.

Nevertheless, you can rest assured that we at Bradley C. Jones, DDS Family Dentistry would recommend dental X-rays only when absolutely necessary. They are used as a preventive measure to spot the onset of certain oral conditions, which we will treat accordingly based on the observations.

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