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Fluoride Treatment

Have you heard of the mineral fluoride that’s present in our teeth? Much like calcium, fluoride increases the teeth’s strength and resistance to cavities. Although the ideal amount of fluoride is provided to us through drinking water and the toothpaste we use, it may sometimes be insufficient. In such scenarios, we at Bradley C. Jones, DDS Family Dentistry recommend fluoride treatment to strengthen the teeth and replenish the volume of fluoride in them.

Who Is Eligible for Fluoride Treatment?

Anyone who is highly prone to cavities would be a suitable candidate for fluoride treatment. In most cases, we recommend it for children because they consume a lot of sweets and thus stand a higher risk of developing cavities. In general, we conduct thorough screenings and tests to determine the strength of your teeth. If necessary, we will suggest you go for fluoride treatment to make your teeth healthier and keep tooth decay at bay.

How Does Fluoride Treatment Help?

The microbes present in our mouth release acidic substances when they feed on the food residues in the mouth. These acidic discharges erode the minerals present in our teeth through a process called demineralization. Demineralization can also be caused by consuming a lot of beverages and aerated drinks. This process makes the teeth weaker and more susceptible to cavities. When a topical fluoride solution is applied to the teeth, the fluoride molecules replace the minerals that have eroded and rebuild the structure of the tooth.

How Is the Procedure Carried Out?

When you visit us at our office in Napa, CA for the treatment, we will determine your eligibility by screening the teeth thoroughly. We will then clean the teeth to make sure all the microbes and food residues are removed. Dr. Jones will apply the topical fluoride gel on the teeth and spread it evenly. It will be allowed to settle on the teeth’s surface for a few minutes, during which the minerals will be fused with the existing tooth structure. The gel will be rinsed off, and suitable aftercare suggestions will be given to keep the teeth strong and prevent demineralization.

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